CJAD Radio – Common Cross-Border Questions


In a recent CJAD 800AM Dollars & Sense radio show, our Managing Partner David A. Altro and our Partner Matt C. Altro answered some common client cross-border questions that they have received many times over the years. The radio show which aired on October 16, 2018 covered topics such as tax traps for dual-citizens who have moved back to Canada, using a corporation to hold title to US property, the planning considerations when a Canadian marries an American, adding children to title of a US property, US green card holders moving back to Canada, and the cross border trust. Matt and David also answered caller questions throughout the show, with questions such as: “How do I file tax returns if I am a dual-citizen?;” “How do I report income if it is earned outside of the US/Canada?;” “What’s the problem with having a TFSA while being a dual-citizen?;” and “I am a Canadian owning property in the US, how do I transfer it into a cross border trust?”


If you have questions for our cross-border professionals, we invite you to submit your question(s) via our website, and we will try to answer as many of them as possible during our next radio show. To submit your question(s) please follow this link, and tune-in to our next radio show to hear the answers!

We invite you to use the media player below to listen to our show from October 16th and to listen to our next live radio show on CJAD 800AM, which will be on Tuesday November 20, 2018 at 7pm ET. Click here to view future radio show dates.


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