– Dispelling the Myth of the “30 Day Rule” for Canadian Snowbirds

April 2018


We are pleased to share that David A. Altro and Melissa Salvador were asked to prepare an article for, which was published in April 2018. Their article titled “Dispelling the myth of the ’30 day rule’ for Canadian snowbirds” takes an in-depth look at the immigration rules which apply to Canadian snowbirds by explaining what an I-94 is, the rules for foreign nations visiting the US, and provides six helpful tips for snowbirds.

To read the article you can see it in part below, or click here to view it on the Snowbird Advisor website.

Dispelling the Myth of the “30 Day Rule” for Canadian Snowbirds

David A. Altro and Melissa Salvador
April 2018

Canadian snowbirds who spend their winters in the United States are subject to both U.S. tax and immigration laws, which unfortunately do not align with each other.

U.S. immigration law can be complex and difficult to interpret. To further complicate matters, there is a great deal of conflicting information floating around about the application of U.S. immigration laws to snowbirds and how to comply with them.

One such example is a “30-day rule” that has caused a significant amount of confusion, stress and anxiety among snowbirds.

The goal of this article is to help explain the “30-day rule” and clear up some common misconceptions.

What is the “Rule”?

According to this “30-day rule”:

If you are in the U.S. and come home to Canada for 30 days or less, and then return to the U.S., you should include all of the days you spent back in Canada in the 180 days allotted under your I-94.

Is This Really a Rule?

To answer this question, it is helpful to first understand a little background information.

To continue reading, please click here to view the article on the Snowbird Advisor website.
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