Globe & Mail – Four Tax and Other Financial Considerations for Americans Moving to Canada

March 25, 2019


We are delighted to share that Such as the higher Canadian tax rates, as well as how to organize: your U.S. retirement accounts, your U.S. revocable trusts, and your U.S. business interests.

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Four tax and other financial considerations for Americans moving to Canada

Matt Altro and David Altro
The Globe and Mail
March 25, 2019

A record number of Americans were looking to leave the United States, with 26 per cent of those polled last year who would like to move looking to Canada as their country of choice. That’s up from 12 per cent in 2016, according to a Gallup survey conducted last month.

These statistics are consistent with what we are seeing in our practice. Over the past few years, we’ve seen a significant increase in the number of Americans interested in moving to Canada and in Canadians living in the United States who want to return home.

Whether you are returning to Canada or moving here for the first time, it takes more than a warm winter coat to fully protect you from all the challenges – and to reap the benefits – of living in this country. There will be government-funded health care, lots of hockey and, most likely, higher taxes. Below is a primer on a few of the key issues that Americans moving to Canada should consider.


Although there are exceptions, tax rates are generally significantly higher in Canada than in the United States. For example, residents of Washington State and Florida pay a top marginal tax rate of 37 per cent while residents of Ontario and Quebec pay top marginal rates of nearly 54 per cent. […]

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