Global National – Vital tips if you’re buying property in the U.S

November 28, 2018


We are very pleased to share that our Managing Partner David A. Altro was recently interviewed by Global National for their Money 123 segment. Global National looked to David A. Altro as a cross-border Attorney & Legal Advisor for his opinion on how to protect your Canadian estate when rentingout your U.S property. He explained how the application of various ownership strategies for Canadians purchasing in U.S rental property can be used to act as a threshold barrier to protect your Canadian assets. For example, in the case where a tenant seeks legal recourse while living in your U.S rental property.

Vital tips if you’re buying property in the U.S

David A. Altro
Global National
Money 123

Below is a video clip of the Money 123 segment from Global National, which aired live on November 10, 2018.

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