David A. Altro Interview

The Globe & Mail 

Prenup: Romance killer or wealth protector?

December 11, 2018


Our Managing Partner David A. Altro was recently interviewed by Marjo Johne for her latest article in the Globe & Mail. Marjo looked to David as a cross-border Attorney with expertise and experience in wills, trusts, tax, and estate planning for his insight on the importance of establishing a proper prenuptial agreement. David Altro’s interview is part of the Globe & Mail’s high net worth series and was published on December 11, 2018.


In the article, David Altro reviewed the drawbacks of divorcing without an established prenuptial agreement, as well as the benefits and protection of assets that can be created when a prenuptial agreement is in place. David also provides some background information into the process of preparing a valid prenuptial agreement, such as both parties needing to be represented by separate lawyers and provide a full disclosure of all assets.


To read the article click here to view it on the globeandmail.com website.

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