CJAD Radio – Americans Living in Canada


On May 23rd, 2019 during a recent CJAD 800AM Dollars & Sense radio show, our Managing Partner David A. Altro had the opportunity to sit down with Kelly Alexander. Together they examined several estate & tax planning issues for Americans living in Canada. Some of the topics discussed during the hour-long show included Americans living in Canada paying U.S. tax and renouncing their U.S. citizenship, the importance of wills in cross-border estate planning, and other cross-border tax planning strategies. Matt and David also answered caller questions throughout the show as well.

If you have questions for our cross-border professionals, we invite you to submit your question(s) via our website, and we will try to answer as many of them as possible during our next radio show. To submit your question(s) please follow this link, and tune-in to our next radio show to hear the answers!

We invite you to listen to our next live radio show on CJAD 800AM, which will be on Tuesday September 17th at 7pm ET, and to use the media player below to listen to our show from May 23rd.

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