– Disability tax credits for dual residents

By Elena Trigiani
May 09, 2016


David A. Altro recently wrote an article which appeared on and in the Advisor’s Edge magazine. In the article, David explains how disability tax credits are available and when they can be claimed in the Canadian and US tax systems. Click here to view the article online or scroll down to read and excerpt of the piece.

Disability tax credits for dual residents

ADVISOR.CA & Advisor’s Edge
February 2016

You may have clients who are resident in Canada and the U.S. at different times in the same taxation year. This creates complex filing issues.
Clients with tax residency in both countries who have physical and/or mental disabilities face additional complexities: they must determine not only which disability tax credits, benefits and deductions are available in each country, but when these tax breaks can be claimed.


Disability Tax Credit (DTC)

If your client was a Canadian resident taxpayer for any portion of the 2014 tax year, he or she may be eligible for this important federal tax credit. Eligibility is determined by submitting the Disability Tax Credit Certificate (Form T2201) to CRA either prior to or when filing the federal income tax return.

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